Coastal, Freshwater and Ocean Observing

The public and private sectors have an increasing demand for accurate and reliable environmental observations, which allow for a better basic science understanding, forecasting abilities, and informed management decisions. To meet this demand, the federal government (1) has established operational systems and services, which provide the basis for production and dissemination of official assessments, predictions, and warnings, and (2) supports technology and systems development to improve operational observation capabilities, such as higher quality data through the introduction of new or enhanced environmental sensors. By fostering the development and adoption of effective and reliable instrumentation for coastal, freshwater and ocean science, monitoring, and long-term environmental stewardship, ACT is a critical link between these two national priorities. Ultimately, through the validations of new and existing technologies, ACT also provides assurance that our basic science understanding, forecasting, and management decisions are based on accurate, precise, and comparable observing data.

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