Data Buoy CMB 4700

Aanderaa Instruments

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The Data Buoy DB4700 is a rugged, lightweight and compact data buoy intended for use along the coast, in ports and harbors and near off-shore platforms. It measures wave height and period, sea current speed and direction, sea temperature as well as the most important meteorological parameters and transmits data ashore in real-time if a VHF or UHF radio or radio modem is connected. If a GSM modem 3865 is connected the buoy can be dialed up and data can be downloaded. The buoy is of modular design which enables a variety of applications. It can also accommodate a wide selection of sensors depending on customers requirement. DB 4280 consists of a pellet-filled polyethylene buoy with a payload carrying the entire measuring system as well as all the sensors and the Radio Transmitter. The buoy, which is moored in a fixed position, operates on solar cell panels and is controlled by the Datalogger 3860. An internal clock starts the measuring cycle at the selected interval, reads the sensors and transmits the readings in real-time ashore or to a platform by radio.

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