3 Metre Buoy

AXYS Technologies Inc

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The buoy hull is discus-shaped, which allows it to move with the waves and therefore to provide accurate measurements of wave height, period, and direction. It is made of non-magnetic marine grade 5086 aluminium with six completely sealed watertight compartments surrounding a central compartment which houses the electronics, the wave sensor, and the batteries. With this design, the central compartment is protected from damage. Sacrificial zinc anodes that preferentially corrode are bolted to the buoy to mitigate corrosion. The central instrument compartment has a hatch with a rubber seal. The buoy has a rugged rubber bumper around the perimeter to withstand impacts with vessels and wharves. There are three large lifting eyes for lifting and maneuvering, and the flat deck makes boarding and servicing at sea easy and safe. It has a service life of at least 20 years, and is easy to maintain and to modify for adding other features in the future. The superstructure is manufactured of marine grade aluminium (6061-TS) and has a tripod design with cross bracing that adds strength and allows sensors, antennas, solar panels, the light, and navigation aids to be easily attached. A ladder is b...read more

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