SVP Drifting Buoy


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The current configuration of the METOCEAN SVP complies with the requirements of the DBCP Publication DBCP No.4: WOCE Surface Velocity Program Barometer Drifter construction Manual (revision 1). The standard SVP is equipped with at least two sensors: sea surface temperature and hull submergence. The SVP's holey sock drogue is centered at 15 meters and it is sized to provide a drag ratio (drogue frontal area to that of all other submerged frontal areas) in excess of 40:1. Additional sensors can be added to the SVP. The optional sensors available are as follows: Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Barometric Pressure (BP), Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Salinity, Conductivity and GPS. Please contact a METOCEAN Sales Agent regarding requests for additional sensors not listed above. Custom options are available.

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