LakeESP (Environmental Sensing Platform)

Precision Measurement Engineering

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The LakeESP is a complete lake monitoring buoy for long-term water quality monitoring and management. The sensor buoy features real-time monitoring of water column temperature stratification, meteorological parameters, and water quality parameters. Meteorology sensors can include net long and short wave radiation, humidity, air temperature, wind speed/ direction, barometric pressure and liquid precipitation. Meteorology sensors are positioned on the lake buoy above the water surface. Water column sensors are attached to the lake buoy below the water surface and can include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pressure, and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). The LakeESP lake buoy can transmit data via GSM cell phone or other methods to a user specified destination. Measurements are typically collected once per minute, but can be collected as often as once every few seconds, depending upon customer specification. The LakeESP lake buoy is a stationary floating system that can be easily installed and is moored to compensate for fluctuating water levels.

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