Surface Environmental Monitoring Buoy

Woods Hole Group

Cost: Contact Manufacturer

The SEMB employs point sensors to measure surface current. Optionally, SEMB will accept the RD Instruments' Workhorse Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). A meteorological sensor suite (wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity) is also available, as are water quality sensors. The SEMB's data acquisition and telemetry controller, the WHISL Remote System Manager (RSM), is based on a low-power, 32-bit microprocessor. Two PCMCIA flash memory card slots provide high-capacity, non-volatile data storage. The system also includes a high-resolution digitizing system (WHISL SeaPac) to provide flexible sampling and averaging capability for up to five analog inputs for water quality sensors located under the buoy. The RSM controls the sampling and power duty cycle for each sensor independently.

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