ClearSat Marker Buoy

Clearwater Instrumentation

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The ClearSat Argos/GPS Marker Buoy is a rugged, ABS spherical float containing a ClearSat-2.0 Argos PTT and Rockwell MicroTracker™ GPS (Global Positioning System) for finding equipment floating anywhere on the ocean. Location information is obtained through the Argos dissemination system, or with a satellite uplink receiver when the user is within line-of-sight of the buoy. Argos positions usually are accurate to better than 500 meters. GPS positions (accurate to 20 meters) are updated every 30 minutes, and can guide the user precisely to his equipment. Buoy electronics and antennas are contained completely within the buoy hull which floats approximately at its equator. Although the buoy profile is quite low at the sea surface (approximately 20 cm.), extensive use of this equipment in oceanographic research has proven that Argos and GPS operate with high reliability. The Marker Buoy is attached to other equipment by means of stainless steel eyebolts at the bottom and side. Operation is initiated by removing a magnet from the the outside of the hull. Internal alkaline batteries power the unit in continuous operation mode for about one year. Argos data also reports percentage more

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