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The standard units feature quick assembly\disassembly of the counterweight and superstructure from the main hull section. The main hull can be supplied with separate watertight equipment and battery compartments. The floatation section of the hull is normally filled with a closed cell foam to assist floatation should the unit suffer damage causing water ingress. IP rated connectors are available for the interfacing of external electrical\ electronic equipment including sub-surface sensors. The superstructure supports the navigation lighting and is also designed to support an antenna, radar reflector and extra solar panels for an onboard power supply. The hull shape is such that it provides a stable platform for the antenna and solar panels with minimal acoustic noise when moved by wind or wave action. The mooring system provides for easy deployment and recovery with the first section of mooring line designed to resist shark attack. In addition, the buoy hull has a rubber buffer around its perimeter and is supplied with a floating recovery line. Lifting lugs to 1000 kg are fitted to the hull which allows a single point lift.

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