Oceanographic Buoy


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Onboard electronics packaging provides data collection, transmission and position finding via the ARGOS satellite system with sea surface temperature, battery status indicator and drogue loss indicator as standard. The sea temperature sensor has a range of -5 to +45 degrees C with 0.15 degree accuracy and 0.05 degree resolution. On deployment of the buoy, the electronics package is simply activated by the removal of a magnet. A small tester is available to check operation. Battery life is normally 6 months with the option of 12 or 24 months. It is not unusual for batteries to last well beyond their anticipated life span. The hull is designed to withstand prolonged immersion in sea water. It is constructed from marine grade aluminum with zinc block cathodic protection and finished with a baked on expoxy based coating to provide protection from the marine environment and ultra violet radiation. This coating is also resistant to chemical attack and abrasion. PVC sheathed galvanised wire rope for drogue attachment is bonded to the hull with a hard inner and a soft outer polyeurethane for maximum reliability. The first few meters of the wire rope is further sheathed in steel reinforced ...read more

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