PMP-1800 Polyethylene Buoy

Automatic Power

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Pharos Marine/Automatic Power’s comprehensive range of IALA compliant light buoys includes the PM- 1800. The PM-1800 has won worldwide acceptance as an effective yet inexpensive light buoy for marking channels or hazards. The robust construction of the buoy enables it to withstand minor knocks and collisions without damage. The design and construction of the buoy has been based on proven experience in the supply of buoys all over the world. Because it is made of rotationally molded Polyethylene, the PM-1800 combines the advantages of low weight, great strength and easy maintenance. It is UV stabilized and self-colored red, green, black or yellow, and is available with topmarks or daymarks. Closed cell foam filling gives extra rigidity and also makes it virtually unsinkable. The buoy has four lifting eyes and two or four mooring eyes and all steelwork is stainless steel grade AISI 316. The skirt keel allows the PM-1800 to be used even in shallow waters and can also be stood upright on deck of a maintenance vessel. Its slotted configuration reduces underwater pressure and forces causing lateral pull vortices in fast currents. Batteries are contained in an easily accessible more

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