Fiberglass Buoy

Automatic Power

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The Automatic Power molded fiberglass buoys incorporate superior design and construction characteristics which provide stable, long-life marking of channels, bays, rivers, and lakes. Offshore versions are also available. A smooth outside 8 mil Gel-Coat red, white, green or yellow film prevents fiberglass from weathering to the surface and insures resistance to color fading. It also provides good adhesive surfaces for retroflective markings. Polyurethane closed-cellular foam completely fills the buoy. The counterweight is made of cast iron and has a flat bottom to provide a stand for the buoy during storage. The finned design proved stability in wind and current. Angle of heel is less than 10° in a 20 mph wind. The counterweight assembly is rigidly attached to a 3/16” steel plate which is bolted to the molded bottom of the buoy. This spreads normal stress throughout the hull which virtually eliminates the possibility of the counterweight breaking off the buoy body. Both lighted and unlighted buoys are available. Colors and markings suitable for all systems of buoyage can be supplied.

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