Directional Waverider MK III

Datawell BV

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The highlights: • Measuring wave height and wave direction. • HF link up to 50 km over sea. By powering up the transmitter and using a directional receiving antenna the HF range can be stretched. • LED flash light mounted at the top of the antenna increasing the buoy's visibility to passing ships. • A GPS receiver for buoy positioning has now become a standard feature of the DWR-MkIII, and facilitates its retrieval. • Standard integrated data logger based on the latest flash card technology. • A water temperature sensor in the mooring eye providing sea surface temperature. • High capacity primary cells operating under all wave conditions and weather circumstances for up to three years without replacement. • An accurate onboard energy meter monitors the actual energy consumption of the buoy, and reports a reliable estimate of the remaining operating life. The DWR-MkIII comes standard with Datawell’s HF link for ranges up to 50 Km over sea. For larger ranges the HF link can be combined or replaced with Iridium, Argos or Orbcomm satellite communication.

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