Seawatch Mini II Buoy

Fugro GEOS

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The hull of the SEAWATCH MINI II is made from foam filled polyethylene. The choice of material ensures no risk of corrosion and sulphation as well as excellent resistance to impacts. The buoy is practically unsinkable. Below the water surface it is spherically shaped to ensure optimal wave measuring capability. Above the surface the robust marine grade solar panels have been fitted in recesses for security. Maintenance free solar panels and sealed lead-acid backup batteries enable long-term unattended operation. The accumulated charge and load current are transmitted to shore for control of the power consumption. For low sun radiation conditions, lithium batteries can be supplied. The SEAWATCH MINI II allows two-way communication via radio link. For long distance data transfer, the high capacity and reliable Inmarsat-C or Argos satellite is used. For shorter distances GSM mobile phone is an alternative. The buoys position can also be monitored by means of one-way satellite position tracking. Numerous sensor alternatives exist. Please contact us with your requirements. Limitations exist in the number of sensors, their size and power consumption. Through the use of an optional mast more

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