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The Riverwatch Buoy is a multi-purpose floating sensor platform for use in lakes, large rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea. For marine application, it has been given the name Seawatch Mini. The basic Riverwatch Buoy includes sensors for the most important water quality parameter groups: From the monitored parameters others can be derived: for example, water hardness can be calculated from the conductivity, and suspended solids can be derived from turbidity. Measurement principles and sensors have been chosen to minimise the need for service and calibration. Each sensor has been selected to meet the needs for accuracy, robustness and easy maintenance. The buoy's hull consists of two, horizontally split hemispheres. The lower part is made of polyethylene while the upper part consists of shock-proofed transparent ethylene, which allows the solar radiation to reach the solar panels located inside the hull. The two parts are clamped together by 20 stainless-steel bolts. Flashing light (with back-up in case of failure) and transmitting antenna are placed above the solar panels. The lower part of the buoy hull contains all the electronic modules and the power package. These are more

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