Satellite Fish Marking Buoy INMARSAT


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The fish marking buoy WF-BD+ has been specifically designed to mark flotsam used for tuna fishing. This buoy is moored to a flotsam released at sea to mark shoals. The WF-BD+ buoy is a sturdy half-sphere of 400 mm diameter, made of molded plastic. It is equipped with an integrated antenna, an INMARSAT D+ transceiver, a GPS, a temperature sensor and a flashlight. The buoy transmits its GPS position, the water temperature and the battery level once a day on the up link of INMARSAT D+ satellite communication service. The data are forwarded to the ship by INMARSAT D+ or through the high speed data communication link of the vessel if it is equipped with such a link. The NEPTUNE software designed by Martec Serpe Iesm. manages the buoys and the associated data.

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