Argos Mooring Witness Buoy

Oceanetic Measurement

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The Witness Buoy will alert the user through the ARGOS satellite network of an inadvertent surfacing of an oceanographic mooring. The user then may decide to track and retrieve the mooring or cancel recovery of remote mooring strings. The OML Witness Buoy has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost equipment and ship time. Features: ? Activated upon surfacing of mooring ? Position calculated by Service ARGOS to within 100 meters ? Depth rated to 6700 meters ? 10 kg net buoyancy ? Mounted in a durable polyethylene hard hat on a steel in-line mooring support ? Alkaline battery pack (lithium power available on request) ? 2 month plus continuous transmission battery life ? 5 year shelf or deployment battery life in quiescent mode ? Proven in mooring recovery ? OML serviced on request

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