Buoy 701 Profiler


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In the last twenty year period, the degraded condition of aquatic environments such as rivers, lakes and coastal marine areas, has drawn the public's attention. The reclaiming of these environments requires a better understanding of the degradation processes. Furthermore, the efficacy of restoration procedures needs to be checked with the passing of time by means of suitable monitoring systems. In order to accomplish these purposes, IDRONAUT has developed an automatic in situ monitoring system, able to acquire data at high frequency and making it available in real-time. The system, named BUOY 601/701 PROFILERS, has been developed after 15 years of study and experiment in cooperation with the most important Italian and Swiss research institutes of oceanography, marine biology and limnology. The core of the monitoring system is the Buoy Controller Module which permits, through the availability of advanced digital and analogue interfaces, the creation of a true interdisciplinary monitoring system. Furthermore, taking advantage of advanced communication systems like phone (GSM/CDMA) cellular networks or like the GLOBASTAR Satellite networks, reliable and powerful real-time communicatio...read more

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