POSEIDON 1750mm Ocean Buoy


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The POSEIDON-1750 is a lightweight, low-maintenance, cost-effective approach to traditional floating aids. The buoy consists of 3 parts; the flotation section, the mid-section and a navaid (top) section. This enables the individual colouring of each section during the moulding process to meet IALA recommendations for specific installations, and cost-effective transportation. The top section incorporates the solar modules, batteries, LED beacon and insertion fittings to accommodate top marks and accessories. This section is fitted with up to 60watt solar modules, charging up to 140Ah batteries. A watertight 316-grade stainless steel battery access door protects the internal components and connections of the unit. The Sealite SL125 LED lantern is readily fitted to the top of the buoy, and a 316-grade stainless steel grab rail is fitted below the top section - allowing for easy maintenance. The float section contains internal stainless steel cross-braces, linking both sets of lifting and mooring eyes. This ensures mooring and lifting stresses are evenly shared across the structure. After ballast is added, the bottom section is filled with closed-cell polyurethane. The standing platfor...read more

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