Buoytracker II

Planet Ocean

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BUOYTRACKER II builds on the successful BUOYTRACKER GSM system and uses GPS satellite positioning system, together with the GLOBALSTAR low earth orbit satellite data service and allows users to check the position of their buoy from a web page anywhere in the world; no special software is required. For larger networks, a PC based autotracker program is available to automatically locate any number of buoys or assets with information presented on chart or map. In addition, BUOYTRACKER II I will watch over your buoy and alert you by email should it wander by more than 500m. BUOYTRACKERII features a low voltage alarm that will send a message if the host power falls to a dangerous level and sends a heartbeat message at regular intervals confirming correct operation. BUOYTRACKER II is totally self contained and can run for up to 3 years on its internal batteries. BUOYTRACKER II is small and installation is quick and simple. The device can be included at build time to be completely covert if required. Both the GPS antenna and GLOBALSTAR antenna can be fitted inside plastic or GRP buoys. The enclosure is sealed to IP-68 making it suitable for use in the open on deck in breaking waves. BUOYT...read more

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