Coastal Water Data Buoy

Sound Ocean Systems

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Designed for rough sea conditions, the bodies of our CWDBs are fabricated of lightweight multi-density foam with a thick polyurethane skin. This coating can withstand sharp and repeated impacts without damage. An integral steel-frame construction adds strength to the hull and provides secure mounting points for the tower, bridle and subsurface instrument masts. The octagonal shape can include built-in recessions for subsurface instrument masts. The octagonal shapes of SOSI’s buoys make them stable on their side (while on the deck of a ship or in transport), and possess sharp chines for good motion damping. The aluminum upper tower, lower bridle and optional sub-surface sensor masts allow for strength and a variety of sensor suites specific to your needs. The CWDBs are constructed with an internal watertight well, designed to house a battery pack and optional charging system. It also serves as the base for a separate watertight electronics housing. The housing contains our SOSI Trident data logger, the brain of our buoy family. It is a flexible and tested piece of equipment, which controls the sensor and transmitter duty cycles, cycles the power, records the data and controls the more

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