Protected Water Data Buoy

Sound Ocean Systems

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PWDBs were originally designed for harsh deployments in the protected water, coral reef atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. These tested designs have since been modified and perfected for long-term observational deployment. The hulls are constructed of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with an internal stainless steel frame. An integral watertight compartment holds the 24-month battery pack, Trident data logger, Argos transmitter (or Iridium modem) and other components. Aluminum surface and subsurface masts support the atmospheric and oceanographic sensors. The SOSI Trident data logger is the brain of our buoy family. It is a flexible and tested piece of equipment that controls the sensor and transmitter duty cycles, cycles the power, records the data and controls the telemetry transmissions from the buoy. It has eight 24-bit and four 16-bit analog channels, two RS-485, eight RS-232, two SDI serial ports, four digital inputs and four digital outputs. It also has three +12 vdc, two +5 vdc, and two precision RTD outputs. The PWDB-48-1500 can be supplied with either an Argos transmitter or Iridium modem. It can be upgraded with four additional 16-bit analog channels, two more

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