Sea Surface Temperature Buoy

Sound Ocean Systems

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The SOSI Sea Surface Temperature (SST) buoys are single sensor oceanographic data buoys provided complete with mooring line, anchor and mooring hardware. These buoys were developed for deployment in fully exposed shallow water locations subject to high currents and high levels of solar radiation. They are capable of measuring and recording accurate temperature data for periods in excess of twenty-four months. The buoy hulls are constructed of fiberglass and filled with buoyant polyurethane foam. A watertight compartment is integrated into the fiberglass structure. An internal chassis and end cap assembly supports the temperature sensor, SOSITrident data logger, ARGOS transmitter, antenna and battery pack. A SOSITrident data logger is used to control all aspects of the buoy's operation including: data transmission, switching and power management functions implemented to minimize energy consumption. Power is supplied by an internal alkaline battery pack with a life span up to 24 months. The buoys can be stored in a dormant state and awakened by removing an external magnet. A Telonics ST-13 or ST-20 ARGOS PPT is used to transmit a subset of the daily data. The buoys are supplied more

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