Current Indicator CI-68


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The CI-68 has a triple-beam emission system for providing highly accurate current measurement. This system greatly reduces the effects of the rolling, pitching and heaving motions, providing a continuous display of tide information. When ground (bottom) reference is not available acoustically in deep water, the CI-68 can provide true tide current information by receiving position and speed data from a GPS navigator and heading data from the satellite (GPS) compass SC-60/120 or gyrocompass. In addition, navigation information, including position, course and ship’s track, can also be displayed. The CI-68 consists of a display unit, processor unit and transducer. The control unit and display unit can be installed separately for flexible installation. A BlackBox configuration (without monitor) is also available. CI-60G users can easily upgrade without drydocking to CI-68 since it uses the same transducer as the CI-60G.

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