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The all-new Tritech NetCam is an autonomous deep sea video recording system that has been specifically designed to provide a compact and robust unit for capturing subsea video data. A prime application of NetCam, as its name implies, is monitoring the effective deployment and operation of deep sea fishing nets. Incorporating an MP4 digital video recorder and 30 Gb hard drive, NetCam provides a versatile storage medium for up to 30 hours of high quality video data collection. The battery pack is able to power the system for up to ten hours. NetCam is fitted with the Tritech MD4000 high resolution color camera, which is an ideal camera for close-up inspection work. Integrated white L.E.Ds provide uniform illumination across the viewing area. A feedback loop automatically adjusts the lighting level, providing optimum picture quality regardless of the reflectivity of the work surface. The Dynamic Light Control (DLC) unit makes the system particularly suitable for autonomous subsea operation as it automatically adjusts the lighting level to suit its environment. This ensures the best possible video images. NetCam’s anti-shock stainless steel frame protects the camera, battery pack and more

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