Autonomous Power Buoy

Ocean Power Technologies

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APB Characteristics: • OPT has continued to advance the capabilities and features of the ABP since the initial ocean testing in 2004. • Design improvements have been implemented in the areas of power-take off devices, buoy hydrodynamic structure, generated wave power, data acquisition and analysis and electrical design. • Various mechanical and electrical configurations are available to meet the application’s power, weight and volume requirements. • Modular and easily deployable. APB Flexibility: • Configurable to provide variability in the buoy length for storage, ship deployment and post deployment operations. • Can be configured as a single fixed mechanical structure or a retractable multiple segment structure. • Adaptable to a variety of anchor and mooring designs, including single point mooring (side or bottom) and two or three point mooring (float, sides and/or bottom combination). APB Power Capability: • Easily configured to meet the power demand of specific payload applications. • Power generation capability levels are dependent upon the buoy operational location and prevailing sea state condition. • Can be reconfigured to increase or decrease the power more

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