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The E-Sea Buoy 103 is designed to measure all the waves from less than 20 cm to more than 20 meters. The sampling rate is as high as 10 times per second and the dynamic accuracy is within a few centimeters in both the x, y and z direction. The accuracy along with the dynamic response time is very high, higher than any other technology previously used in this field. Wave periods from less than 1.5 sec to more than 60 seconds are measured along with wave direction accurate to ± 1.5°. Due to the use of the extreme precise DGPS/RTK technology it is possible to measure and calculate the water level to an accuracy of less than 10 cm taking all the elements of errors into account. Ideally it allows us to measure the water level to an accuracy in the order of 5 cm. This feature is unique compared to previous buoy systems. Being a GPS based system these accuracies are met within 95% of the time. The E-Sea Buoy 103 is able to deliver data in intervals of 6 minutes and up to 3 hours selectable from the shore computer or per request (polling mode). The data transmitter is ready to use engineering values as the buoy computer has sufficient processing power to fulfill the required mathematical...read more

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