Station Keeping Buoy


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Initially designed for virtual mooring of GIB buoys, ACSA SKB flexible design can carry various payloads. It is a small RIB remotely controlled through a robust radio link. Several SKBs can be simultaneously controlled. The operator has a user-friendly display of the track over an electronic chart, and specific screens for vehicle remote control. The SKB has several navigation modes: manual control, route following, station keeping... Application : - Sensors remote deployment - Multiple simultaneous measurements (up to 8 Basil may be controlled) Key features : - Large payload capacity (170 kg additional) - Numerous navigation modes - Sea-state up to 3, with currents of up to 2.5 knots in light fog and light rain - Radio range: 6 km - Autonomy: 8 hours - Weigth: 350 kg - Size: 3.40 m L x 1.50 m L x 1.20 m H - Max. speed: 3.5 Knots

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