CUB Cellular Uplink Buoy


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The CUB-2BT is a combination of a passive receiver and communications system allowing for near real-time monitoring of areas with cell phone coverage. The CUB is a stand-alone device consisting of a cell phone modem (Verizon CDMA standard, GSM optional) bat- tery system, solar panels, and logging ultra- sonic receiver with 2Mb of flash memory, real time clock, external omni-directional hydro- phone, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless, high-speed downloads and configuration. Based on a McDermott buoy, this unit col- lapses to a highly portable unit, shippable via UPS or other standard carriers, and is deploy- able without need of special equipment, even from a small boat or skiff. Data retrieved from the CUB-2BT is compati- ble with Sonotronics Data Processing Center. The DPC allows integration data collected via active and passive tracking. Cellular data is transmitted via SMS messages, and Bluetooth is used for complete downloads.

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