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The WatchMaster™ design is a proven in its application as a navigational buoy. The buoy is assembled from three main components: a float section, middle superstructure section and top section, which form and abrasion resistant, shock absorbing buoy able to withstand knocks and/or collisions. In the event of damage, individual sections can be easily replaced on the deck of a buoy tender at sea. This design also allows the buoy to be easily dismantled for transportation on land or by ship, although the assembled buoy was also designed to fit in a standard shipping container. Through a unique mould design and controlled process, an increaded thickness is formed at magor stress points. The polyethylene material will also repel marine growth. The WatchMaster™ can be outfitted with a wide range of sensors for monitoring weather, air and water quality, waves, and other parameters in coastal areas, lakes and rivers. Data transmitted from the buoy includes buoy configuration, status, position, and WatchCircle™ Alarm messages. Data is also stored on the buoy's internal data logger. AXYS WebView™ display software automatically receives, decodes and displays data transmitted by the more

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