Oil Spill Sampling Buoy

InterOcean Systems

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The OSSB is deployed from the investigating vessel, helicopter or C130-type aircraft immediately upon arrival at the location of an identified spill. The OSSB is removed from its hermetically sealed encasement and "overboarded" into the slick/polluted water. Designed to withstand deployment from aircraft traveling 150 knots at an altitude of 200 feet, the OSSB utilizes drogue fins that insure proper flight, then detach themselves subsequent to the buoy entering the water. The buoy is precision-machined from aluminum, with an elongated lower end and robust end-caps designed to withstand both the shock of initial water impact, and extended marine operation. Components are fabricated using inert materials to eliminate the chance of contamination and preserve the integrity of the sample. Once the buoy is deployed in the water, a salt-water switch triggers the power supply. The electronic control unit then initiates operation of a strobe light, and VHF radio beacon, enabling the deployment aircraft or vessel to verify proper operation of the recovery signaling system while on site. Approximately one minute later operation of the automated sampling system is initiated.

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