Instrumented Buoy

nke Instrumentation

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Main characteristics : Implementation in coastal areas, estuary, river, lake ... Low consumption autonomous system : power provided by batteries and solar panel. Data transmission via radio link or cellular telephone network (TCP/IP protocol), secured transmission. Remote control for the operation of the sub-assemblies. Large storage capacity of the measurements within the buoy (longer than 1 year). Onshore data retrieval and archiving onto computer, link towards client network. Possible instrumentation for the measurement of the parameters : Temperature : multi-sensor chain or fixed point. Current : integration of an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Water level : including atmospheric pressure compensation. Wave characterisation : parameters obtained from ADCP measurements. Meteorological : wind speed and direction, air temperature. Conductivity. Dissolved Oxygen. Turbidity. pH. Chlorophyll.

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