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Small though it is, the DWR-G4 offers full-functionality and full-compatibility with other Datawell equipment. Data links and formats, RX-D and Warec receiver, W@ves21 software, batteries, etc. are all the same or compatible. Weighing 17 Kg only the DWR-G4 may be readily deployed and recovered by hand from an inflatable boat with outboard engine. Via HF link, directional and spectral wave data are transmitted, e.g. to a portable, compact RX-D receiver connected to a laptop running the W@ves21-software. The LED flasher and/or the HF-transmitted GPS position facilitate tracking or locating the buoy. FEATURES: ? wave motion sensor based on GPS ? measures wave height for wave periods of 1.6 to 100 seconds ? 1 cm precision in all directions (free floating) ? measures wave direction ? measures water temperature (optional) ? GPS for buoy monitoring and tracking through HF link ? internal logger ? LED flasher ? 0.4 m diameter spherical hull of AISI 316 ? 38 days battery life ? HF transmitter range 25 Km over sea ? optional Argos module for ocean wide coverage and unlimited range ? optional GSM module for data transmission via the GSM network ? optional hull painting

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