Waverider SG

Datawell BV

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The WR-SG is the successor to the Waverider Fl. Whereas the Waverider Fl used analog techniques to process the wave data, the Waverider SG digitizes the wave signal at an early stage. Combined with the same processing hardware as the directional DWR-MkIII and DWR-G buoys, many features and options are now standard that were not possible on the previous model: • Standard integrated data logger. Flash cards up to 2 GByte store all measured data. • Standard GPS position monitoring. Position monitoring allows for drift alarm possibility and easy retrieval of a buoy adrift. • A LED flash light mounted at the top of the antenna. The high mounted flashing light increases visibility significantly. The buoy comes standard with the Datawell HF link. This link suffices for ranges up to 50 Km. If larger transmitting ranges are desired, the HF link can be combined or replaced with Argos or Orbcomm satellite communication. For near-shore applications, an easy to use GSM communication option is available. To acquire, store and analyze the received data, Datawell offers the W@ves21 and SeaSaw21 software package,which fully supports the WR-SG. See our brochures for more information. Using batter...read more

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