Directional Waverider MK II

Datawell BV

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From the accelerations measured in the x and y directions of the moving "buoy reference frame" the accelerations along the fixed, horizontal, north and west axis are calculated. All three accelerations (vertical, north and west) are digitally integrated to get filtered displacements with a high frequency cut-off at 0.6 Hz. Finally, every half hour, FFT transforms of 8 series of 256 datapoints (200 sec) are summed to give 16 degrees of freedom on 1600 seconds of data. ? measures wave height for wave periods of 1.6 to 30 seconds, accuracy 0.5 % of measured value ? measures wave direction ? measures water temperature ? 0.9 m diameter spherical hull of AISI 316 ? optional Cunifer hull, warranted not to corrode ? low power: operational for 12 - 30 months, depending on the configuration ? HF transmitter range 50 km over sea ? optional Argos module for ocean wide coverage and unlimited range ? optional Orbcomm module (incl. GPS module) for two-way communication with buoy, independent of global position ? optional GPS module for buoy monitoring and tracking through HF link ? optional internal logger ? optional hull painting

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