PI Remote/Depth


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The purpose of the PI Remote/Depth sensor is to achieve accurate measurements of both the water depth and the distance between the two trawl doors. In order to measure the distance, it must be installed in a pair with a PI Spread or PI Spread/Depth sensor. The PI Remote/Depth dual sensor will automatically be switched on once the waterswitch is activated. After startup, the sensor will communicate with the PI Spread sensor to measure the distance between the two trawl doors. The current depth result is transmitted directly to the vessel. When the sensor is not in use, check that the sensor lamp does not flash, as this indicates that the sensor is still active and discharging the batteries. If you operate with Fast update rate, the sensors must be charged approximately every 40 hours. Used with Normal or Slow update rates, the operational life is approximately 80 or 110 hours respectively. The optimal sensor charging temperature is from +10 to +25° C. The two rubber inserts provided at the bottom of each sensor adapter must not be replaced with any other types or designs. It is essential that these inserts provide a secure cradle for the sensors, but they must also allow for free w...read more

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