TRIAXYS™ with Currents Buoy

AXYS Technologies

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This buoy is based on the proven TRIAXYS™ Buoy platform but has been modified to allow the integration of a Current Profiler through the hull in a downward facing configuration. The Nortek Aquadopp ADP and the Teledyne RDI Monitor ADCP are both available as current profilers. Other profilers can also be integrated into this product line. The TRIAXYS™ with Currents works in both typical ocean surface water and in the high sediment suspensions found near the coast or in rivers. A variety of head designs ensure optimal measurement conditions, regardless of deployment surroundings. Specifically, the Aquadopp Profiler provides current speed and direction in up to 128 different layers or ‘bins’ of the water column. The system electronics integrates Doppler velocity with temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass sensors – all standard with each instrument. The TRIAXYS™ wave sensor unit is comprised of three accelerometers, three rate gyros, a fluxgate compass, and the proprietary TRIAXYS™ Processor. The TRIAXYS™ Sensor has recently been upgraded with new features and now provides continuous wave sampling, support for any telemetry, up to 50 Hz motion sampling and up to 32GB (>5 more

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