DB-125 Data Buoy

Planet Ocean

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The system is modular and can be supplied with integral solar power supply, self contained solar powered navigation light, St Andrews cross top mark, choice of telemetry system, message stencilling. Data buoys can also be supplied in standard port or starboard configurations if required. The buoys are fitted with a through hull fairlead tube so that instruments can be deployed without cables being exposed over the hull and without recovering the buoy. The DB-125 is fitted with a hollow, removable tower section that houses the radar reflector and can house sensitive electronics modules. The buoys have flat bottoms and are free standing. The floatation unit, and other key components, are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethylene with optimum E.S.C.R. (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) Pre-coloured virgin polymers, with high UV stability Robust wall thickness collars filled with marine safety approved close-cell foam.

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