DB-300 Data Buoy

Planet Ocean

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In keeping with the other DB buoys, the DB-300 has a removable tower section facilitating swap out at sea and the floatation is filled with high density foam to make the buoy unsinkable. The BD-300 uses four floatation modules around a central core, and may be fitted with additional "assistor" floats to provide additional reserve buoyancy for deep moorings, their novel design also provides an anti roll function. Thorough hull moon pools are provided through which sensor packs can be deployed, and the buoy can be supplied with a central large diameter moon pool through the steel core, with access via one of the superstructure hatches. Also available is a sensor crows nest that can accommodate sensors and antennas at 4.5m above sea level whilst providing a stable working platform for maintenance crew. Access to the crows nest is via a ladder. Housing payloads within the superstructure avoids the need for expensive connectors, and submersion proof electronics enclosures, although not sealed, the tower provides significant protection against the elements. Ruggedised access hatches allow access to the payload bay(s). The DB-300 carries a 4nm self contained solar powered lantern as...read more

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