Gateway Buoy


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The compact yet powerful buoys can be easily deployed from a small boat without special handling equipment. The standard Gateway Buoy includes the following capabilities: Vehicle Tracking and Navigation:The Gateway Buoy is an anchored buoy that serves as a standard REMUS multi-channel digital transponder that allows anywhere from 1 to 4 REMUS vehicles to navigate acoustically within the survey area. When multiple buoys are deployed in known positions, simple triangulation techniques can be used to provide precise vehicle position information throughout the mission. This vehicle information can then be transmitted via an installed FreeWave Radio Modem to a ship or shore-based control station that may be up to 5 miles away. This station, running the standard tracking software, triangulates the latitude and longitude position, and displays it in real-time on any Windows laptop. The Gateway Buoy can also be upgraded to include a variety of options to enhance the systems capabilities. Upgrades include: - GPS Receiver (optional): For highly accurate navigation information, the Gateway Buoy and REMUS AUV can be upgraded to include GPS capability. The buoy is installed with more

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