TIDAS 900 Buoy

S2 Yachts

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Developed in collaboration with the Marine Hydrodynamic Laboratory at the University of Michigan, the 900 buoy can also be equipped with a directional wave height sensor — the Inertial Wave Sensor (IWS). The IWS satisfies the “First-5” standard as defined in the IOOS National Operational Wave Observation Plan, making the buoy suitable for use in the IOOS surface-wave monitoring network for the United States. The 900 buoy is a low cost-low maintenance, easy launch-easy retrieval monitoring system, designed as a “plug and play” platform, giving significant flexibility in measured parameters and making it possible to add other data sensors as desired. Standard features include: •Advanced composites technology — Strong, durable construction •Integrated solar power panels •Open architecture for easy installation of optional sensors and components •Field-removable electronics housing and mast for easy-access, maintenance and service •Navigation light (2 nautical mile rated) •Integrated Radar reflector •Full Warranty

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