Planet Ocean

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Turbidity is an ideal surrogate for simple assessment of general water quality and effects of sediment disturbance by dredging and other civil engineering projects. The TURBIBUOY system allows users to enter their own calibration curve to convert NTU to mg/L. Users may also designate one buoy as "upstream" the other as "downstream" so that alarms can be triggered dynamically based upon the background field data rather than a fixed NTU/Mg/L value. Turbibuoy is most often deployed as a surface buoy but can equally be installed on fixed structures, piles, piers and jetties. The system acquires and sends data directly from the point of measurement to the internet via GPRS where data may be viewed monitored and controlled via a simple web interface. This means that expensive infrastructure and hardware ashore is eliminated and data can be viewed from any where in the world with internet access including smart phones etc. Data may be sent by email automatically each day or on demand for offline processing and alarms can be sent by both email and SMS text.

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