PB150 PowerBuoy

Ocean Power Technologies

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The PB150 PowerBuoy offers many features for wave energy projects. It will generate power with wave heights between 1.5 and 7 meters (4.9 to 22.9 feet). OPT’s mooring approach and PowerBuoy structure permit deployment of the PowerBuoy system across a wide combination of storm wave, tidal, and current conditions, making it suitable for many wave climates. The PB150 is typically configured in two to three row arrays, minimizing the footprint of the project. The PB150 PowerBuoy offers a sustained maximum peak-rated output of 150 kW and a power factor of -0.9 to +0.9. Typical capacity factors for the PB150 are between 30% to 50%, depending on location. The PowerBuoy provides grid quality electricity and is certified meeting all required interconnection standards. The PowerBuoy has a fiber optic communications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) capabilities. The PowerBuoy also has “black start” capability.

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