GPS Tide Monitoring Buoy

Sound Ocean Systems

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SOSI’s GPS Tide Monitoring Buoys (GPSTM Buoys) provide accurate sea level height data in instances where critical measurement is required. These buoys are adaptable to various GPS technology like the Trimble RTK, Novatel, Topcons and various other receivers / antennas combinations. GPS systems are easily removable from buoys for other applications when not deployed. GPSTM Buoys deliver precise water elevation measurements for tidal corrections. Typically used for hydrographic surveys, the GPSTM Buoy enables the essential correlation between true sea surface height and seabed topography to be made. The use of a GPS Tide Monitoring Buoy gives the user the ability to relate water level height to the GPS ellipsoid facilitating a universal vertical datum across land and sea. Additionally, the GPSTM Buoy enables the monitoring of tide height in extremely remote locations and in deeper water than a standard tide gage.

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