Directional Wave Measurement Buoy

Sound Ocean Systems

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The Wave Buoy's processing, recording and transmitting functions are controlled by the SOSI Trident Wave logger. The Trident Wave comes with all of the features and connectivity of our standard SOSI Trident Data Logger plus the integration of a SOSI Wave Module. The Trident Wave emphasizes low power consumption with the use of a real-time clock for the programming of events based on clock and calendar—including entering/exiting low-power sleep mode. The Trident's onboard software determines the significant and maximum wave height in a given period and records the data to a SD card or transmits it back to shore via telemetry methods including: Iridium, cellular, FreeWave, VHF, Argos and WIFI. The Wave Buoy functions in the full spectrum of wave conditions and its small size allows for accurate data collection in low amplitude, high frequency conditions. It’s small footprint, makes the system easy to handle and deployable by two people from deck. Once deployed, the directional Wave Buoy can be left unattended for the duration of the system's mission. Battery life is up to one year. Built to withstand harsh marine conditions, the buoy’s 316 stainless steel frame and more

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