Gateway Buoy

Teledyne Benthos

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The Teledyne Gateway Buoy provides customers with real-time data monitoring of their subsea sensors or vehicles from a remote shore station. The buoy is two-man deployable and can be launched from a small craft/boat. Designed for near shore applications, the system can relay data to and from shore in real time for up to 2 months using Freewave® radio transmissions. The Teledyne Gateway Buoy can communicate with any deployed Benthos modem that is either moored to the ocean floor or incorporated on an AUV. Useful for a wide range of applications, the ease and length of deployment, combined with the reliability of Teledyne Benthos modems, makes this gateway buoy a perfect choice for near shore, real-time data acquisition and subsea vehicle communication. Antarctica • 2-man deployable • Remote system monitoring from shore based station • Rechargeable batteries • Freewave, 900 MHz spread spectrum communication • 2 month deployment (based on Freewave transmission to shore station) • Internal space for custom options

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