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The AXYS WatchMate™ is the ultimate multipurpose buoy. With multiple hull size options and three superstructure options, WatchMate is a rugged, lightweight environmental monitoring buoy that can be configured with a wide range of sensors for monitoring weather, air & water quality, waves and currents. The WatchMate™ design builds on AXYS’ 30 years of metocean buoy manufacturing experience. The design features a cylindrical aluminum payload compartment surrounded by a molded ionomer foam collar for buoyancy and durability. The foam collar is available in a variety of sizes, from 1.2m to 2.2m in diameter, customised to suit the environmental conditions at the deployment site and the sensor configuration. Integral moonpools house downward facing current profilers and in-situ water quality sensors. AXYS' WatchMan500 Network Solution is the core technology in the WatchMate buoy that accepts sensors from virtually any manufacturer and is easily configured using Data Management System (DMS) software. Data messages are tailored to meet custom requirements, and are easily imported into a SQL database, allowing users to view important sensor information in virtual real time.

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