Arctic Lake Monitoring System

AXYS Technologies

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A major difficulty in monitoring hydro-ecology of lakes in the Arctic is that many locations are remote, often only accessible by helicopter or float plane. This problem makes visiting these sites frequently for monitoring purposes very difficult due to the high cost of conducting research in the North. In addition, bad weather in summer and harsh conditions in winter interfere with planned field trips to research sites. As a result of these problems, AXYS has teamed up with Environment Canada, Water & Climate Research Centre and the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria to design and develop a fully-automated Ice Buoy and subsurface mooring system for continuous year-round, real-time monitoring of: · weather conditions · lake ice cover (Fall initiation, Winter growth, Spring breakup) · light penetration into the lake (through ice in winter) · lake water quality (chemistry, temperature, oxygen levels) Once installed into a lake, the system runs on solar power and sealed internal batteries. The system can run autonomously for very long periods of time without the need for frequent visits by researchers or technicians. The subsurface mooring includes a more

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