Metocean (Fulmar) Buoy 1.9 m


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OSIL’s Fulmar Buoy is a versatile instrumentation platform ideally suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological (metocean) and water quality data parameters in inshore coastal areas, as well as open water applications. Instrumentation can be deployed anywhere from near surface to the seabed. The buoys can be moored in a fixed position with either single point, dual point or compliant mooring (where required). The system is supplied with a range of sensors that can specified by the customer. All buoys are fitted with solar panels, navigation/warning lights and other markings as necessary. A range of telemetry options are available (UHF/VHF, GSM, GPRS, Satellite), selected to suit both the location and application requirements. OSIL provide a complete data telemetry solution, including either desk top or web-based software packages to access the data. The buoys are 1.9 m in diameter, with a total buoyancy of 2000 kg, and have a reserve buoyancy of 1000 kg after fitting the equipment such as solar panels, battery packs and monitoring instrumentation, etc. The OSIL range of buoys are manufactured using rotationally moulded polyethylene hulls, which are more

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