Data Buoy with Data Logger OMC-045-B-250


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The OMC-045-B-250 is Observator's complete monitoring system including a data buoy and data logger. The very small buoy is designed for monitoring the water quality in low current situations and it can be used in lakes, ponds, reservoirs and rivers. During tests the OMC-045-B-250 has proved it's durability and because the system is rugged and light, deployment is very easy. It is possible to connect all YSI-6 series sondes to the buoy and the buoy is also suitable for use with other sondes or instruments. The OMC-045-B-250 comes complete with a 12 A battery and a programmeable beacon light. The OMC-045 Data Logger takes a reading using a user-selectable registration interval (default 15 minutes) and it is possible to configure limits (low, high and even high-high) on all measured parameters. If one of the readings is outside the pre-set limits the system will be switched to alarm-mode, in this mode the system can switch to an alarm registration interval (default 1 minute) and the system can send an alarm SMS if required. The system will stay in alarm mode until all parameters are within the limits again. The OMC-045-B-250 comes complete with a Mooring Set (excluding anchor and more

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