Ice Mass Balance (IMB)


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'metOcean telematics' developed the Ice Mass Balance (IMB) buoy in partnership with CRREL (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory). IMB’s instruments measure ice thickness and temperature, and also acquires meteorological and upper oceanographic data. The IMB buoy’s instrumentation consists of a Campbell Scientific data logger, an Iridium® transmitter, a thermistor string, and above and below ice acoustic sounders that measure the positions of the surface and bottom. In addition to the mass balance instrumentation, the buoy also has a GPS, a barometer, and an air temperature sensor. The thermistor strings are manufactured out of PVC rod with YSI thermistors spaced every 10 cm. These rods are easily connected to assemble strings that are extended from the air, through the snow and ice, into the upper ocean. The thermistor accuracy is better than 0.1°C.

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